Kyrenia Villa Rental

The city, known as the Greek Kyrenia, is located on the northern coast of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and is one of the most beautiful cities on the island.

The city, which was founded by the ancient Greek colonists Akha, and later fortified by the Byzantines, the Franks and the Venetians, is now a market center and coastal resort. At the eastern end of the horseshoe port, there is a 12th century castle that has successfully survived six sieges throughout its history.

The museum in the castle İ. HE IS. The remains of a ship belonging to 300 are preserved. It was discovered in 1969, about 800 meters off the coast. In the nearby Kyrenia mountains, the 13th-century Bella Pais Monastery Hilarion Castle. Turkey was used as headquarters after the intervention of Turkish troops in 1974, it was placed in Kyrenia immigrants from Turkey in the late 1970s. Meanwhile, in order to continue tourism, hotels were reopened and ferry services with Girne-Mersin trains started in 1977.