Beware of Scammers

Beware of Scammers

Turkey in recent years in understanding the preferences and new resorts which attract attention in a variety of summer villa vacations for guests who want to do is make a lot of our people sağlamaktadır.Bu holiday villa is a real dream. Today, real estate and tourism companies prepare and offer summer villas for their guests in the world-famous and most beautiful holiday resorts of the Mediterranean and Aegean Region. Real estate and tourism companies, which also benefit from developing internet technologies, create websites and offer services to their guests from websites. Renting a summer villa on the website brings along many advantages such as saving time for the guests, the opportunity to choose among numerous villas, instant reservation, and get information about the villa. However, today, the dreams and wishes of people to have a holiday in the villa are disappointed by malicious people. Malicious people and organizations cause financial and moral damage to people.

As a situation we have encountered very often lately, too many people are victimized by the advertisements on free advertising sites. For example, fraudsters victimize people by showing the villa in Kalkan as if it is in Bodrum, or by copying the advertisements of the agencies and posting them on free sites. They fill in the properties and details of the villa, making it attractive and marketing them at affordable prices. Generally, they introduce themselves as villa owners or agents and definitely use disposable GSM numbers. They do not provide any address or fixed number.

Everyone should take some precautions to ensure that the time you plan to spend your most precious time dreamed of all year in a comfortable and peaceful manner does not result in disappointment and you do not lose your money to these people. We are trying to decipher this person or persons who injured our industry to our people as much as we can. However, there are some points that you should pay attention to;

Institutions providing daily rental services must be registered with the tax office.

Make the payments requested from you to the bank account. Make these payments to the accounts of the name registered in the tax number, if it is a company or a private company. Be sure to ask for the Travel Information Document or confirmation documents with details about your payment.

Search people or institutions on the Internet.

For such sellers, it doesn't matter how much the house is rented for. They may ask for prices of half or even 1/4 of the normal rental price because they don't have anyone to pay. The money you send will be charged directly for their personal use. For this reason, be careful with people who rent below average prices. Please stay away from homes that are trying to market under their value because they are not real.

On your request for a discount, consider the companies that give you a large amount of discounts with suspicion. Since we are brokerage firms, we get commissions from homeowners at low rates. Sites that claim to make a discount either try to mislead you by putting a price on the price, or they scam you by luring you with great discount rates.

Notify that you want to pay the amount other than the deposit on the day of arrival at your home, or say you want to come in advance to see the house or have a nearby friend checked; If it is a real company, it will not avoid it. They will respond positively to your offer.

Do not rely on advertisements posted on free posting sites, etc. with the aim of making the house cheaper by reaching the homeowner directly. Fraudulent work is usually done through such sites. Corporate Daily rental companies rent the houses on behalf of their owners with low commissions. However, these companies check the houses for you and make screenings and present the selected houses to you. They tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of the house.