2022 Resmi Tatil Günleri

2022 Resmi Tatil Günleri

2022 Resmi tatil günleri, hem kutlamalara ve anma günlerine katılmak hem de tatil fırsatlarını değerlendirmek için oldukça önemli. Dini, milli bayramlarda ve yılbaşında resmi tatil ilan ediliyor.

  • 12-12-2021
Yassica Islands - Mugla

Yassica Islands

Yassica Islands - Mugla These islands, called Yassıcalar, do not even have individual names. They are such tiny islands that no one has come out and named them. All of them were called Yassıcalar. There are no facilities on the islands. A tiny pool is formed at the tip of the sandy promontory of the larger one, which extends to the sea. It's like it was made specifically for little babies. Here, you can try the swimming adventure between the islands without fear. The shortest break is 12 meters between the two islands. If you can swim for half an hour, you can tour the four islands. If you wish, you can go to the islands and walk. Just don't forget to bring sports shoes with you.

  • 05-09-2021
Gobun Bay - Mugla

Gobun Bay

Gobun Bay - Mugla It is a long bay in the south of Domuz Island, with a very narrow entrance and surrounded by pine and olive trees. Those who come ashore at the end of the bay will encounter rock tombs and ancient ruins. It is one of the coves that some Blue Cruise boats and yachts love to anchor, although it is not on daily boat tours.

  • 05-09-2021
Kargi Bay - Mugla

Kargi Bay

Kargi Bay - Mugla It is 3 km from the city center. Transportation is also provided by city buses. Although it is very close to the city center, there is neither overcrowding nor dense construction. You will find restaurants and a few small pensions in the bay. Let's say that the sea is clear, very suitable for swimming, and the beach is good.

  • 05-09-2021