Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

Since the Villa Rental Sector is a Very Different Sector from Other Tourism Sectors, the Termination Conditions and Penal Sanctions are generally very strict. The villas in question rent out with the aim of hosting a maximum of 6 to 15 customers per season. From the moment you reserved your place, the place waits for you until that date, and if you do not come, it may be very difficult or impossible to fill your place. Therefore, These Conditions are of Great Importance for Villa Owners. Every Reservation Canceled Due To Gaps Arising From Cancellations May Not Be Filled And Villa Owners May Cause Great Damages Hence.

In Europe, This System The Balance Fee After The Deposit Has To Be Paid 2 Months Before The Check-In Date. In other words, the Customer Pays the Full Fee Two Months Before Entering the Villa. Against Persons Who May Abuse This System, We Take The Remaining Fee For Our Local Guests At The Entrance Of The Villa. In order to prevent the abuse of this goodwill, these conditions are put into effect based on your understanding and the owners of the villa are seriously protected. Please Read The Following Conditions Before Your Refund Requests And Carefully Examine The Emails And Documents Sent To You.

In the event that refrains from providing the service unfairly, returns all payments made by the customer up to that day to the customer within 14 days.

A-There is Absolutely No Refund Of The 35% Deposit Collected By Us For The Villa Rental Process.
B-If the Villa Rental Process Is Up To 30 Days Before The Entry To The Villa, 35% Of The Villa Rental Price Has To Be Paid.

C-If the Villa Rental Process Is Before 29 Days With The Entry Date To The Villa, 100% Of The Villa Rental Fee Will Be Charged.

D- In Case Of Cancellation Of The Lease By For Any Reason. This notification will be made by us as soon as possible. If there is another villa with the same features available for the same period in our portfolio at the same time, it will be recommended to our guest. In cases of Force Majeure (Earthquake, Flood, Disaster, etc.), the entire payment received will be returned to the guest.

E- If you do not come to the specified villa after the rental process you have made on, no refund will be made if you leave early.

F-If There Is A Special Cancellation Policy For Some Villas / Houses In Our Portfolio, It Is Strictly Specified In The Information About The Villa.

G-The Notifications Made By Mail Or Written Registered Receipts Will Be Based On The Returns To Be Requested By You, And Will Be Valid From The Time It Is Received To Us.

H-If the Tenant does not make the remaining payment on time after the deposit payment reserves the procedure for renting the specified villa to other persons.

K-After Receiving the Payment Has the Right to Unilaterally Terminate the Contract Within 1 (One) Day. In such cases, the refund will be made to the customer's account or credit card within 1 (one) day. In the event that the Villa / Apart Reservation is Unilaterally Canceled by for any reason, this situation will be reported to the customer as soon as possible. If There is an Equivalent Villa / Apartment Available on the Same Dates in Our Portfolio, It Will Be Suggested To The Customer. In cases where the customer does not approve and does not fall under the "Force Majeure" clause, the money received will be returned to the customer. Absolutely Not Responsible, Cannot Be Held Responsible For Damages Arising From Reservations Canceled By Customer's Previously Purchased Flight Ticket, Bus Ticket, Rental Car, Boat, Transfer Service Etc. In addition, Hotel and Hostel Accommodation Fees Vs. Burning All Kinds of Details, Permits Received From Private Company or Government Vs. Absolutely Not Responsible for All Details, Cannot Be Held Responsible. The Customer Who Rents the Villa / Apartment Agrees to Consider This.
If the CUSTOMER fails to notify in writing that he will participate in the service he missed, has the right to cancel all reservations and services made on behalf of the CUSTOMER 24 hours later. In such cases, no refund is made to the CUSTOMER and the cancellation conditions apply. If the CUSTOMER notifies that they will participate in the service within 24 hours from the commencement of the service, they can benefit from the remaining time of the service purchased.
The entrance to the villa is made after 16:00 at the earliest and the check-out time is 10:00 at the latest. Entry and Exit Times may vary depending on the villa or facility and are specified in the product details section on our sites.
The number of people to stay should not exceed the number of people specified in the properties of the villa. The names, surnames and TR ID numbers of all future guests must be included in the reservation agreement created during the reservation process. In the event that more people come than the contract, it is up to and the Facility Authority to use the aforementioned service and to be accepted to the facility. cancellation conditions come into effect.
The customer accepts that he / she will abide by the rules specified by the facility official or the staff of at the entrance to the facility / villa, and if he / she does not comply, will terminate the contract unilaterally without any compensation or refund.
A damage deposit of 500 TL to 5.000 TL is taken at the entrance of the villa for material and moral damages that may occur during the rental period. The damage deposit will be returned to you on the last day of your holiday after the necessary checks, if no damage has been determined.
All features of the rented villa (distances, location, equipment of the house, necessary dimensions, etc.) are as stated on our website.You should ask our reservation department about the issues that are not specified on our website and you are sensitive to avoid any surprises at your entrance to the villa. In such cases, the cancellation policy will be applied.
The material and moral damages incurred by the customer in any kind of theft in the rented villa (by breaking the locked places, by entering through open doors and windows or by entering through closed doors and windows) will not be covered by our company. If there is any loss or damage to the rented immovable property or fixtures due to the customer's faulty behavior, this damage will be covered by the CUSTOMER.
The CUSTOMER, at his own expense, may insure it through independent insurance companies before the accommodation service begins, in order to cover the costs of returning to the departure point in the event of theft, accident and illness, as well as the damage and treatment costs arising from any accident.
Since the contact information such as address, telephone, e-mail shared by the CUSTOMER during the purchase phase will be used for notifications, the responsibility of not notifying the changes in the contact information belongs to the CUSTOMER.
In the event that the CUSTOMER is a minor; Depending on the rules of our company, the result may arise that you cannot benefit from the service without a parent or legal custody, so when such a situation occurs, the cancellation conditions written in this document will come into play.
After the end of the service, the CUSTOMER can participate in the satisfaction measurement survey if he / she is called to measure his / her satisfaction and his / her opinions can be published on the sites after they have been examined within the framework of the website rules.

Right of Withdrawal;
According to Article 15 (G) of the Regulation on Distance Contracts Prepared Based on Articles 48 and 84 of the Law No.6502 on the Protection of Consumers, Accommodation, Transportation of Goods, Renting a Car, Supply of Food and Beverage, which must be done on a certain date or period. And Consumer Cannot Use The Right Of Withdrawal In Contracts Regarding The Utilization Of Leisure Time For Entertainment Or Recreation.

Damage Deposit
A Different Amount Of Damage Deposit Will Be Collected From The Tenant According To The Characteristics Of Each Villa / Cottage. This Deposit Amount Will Be Written In The Confirmation Document Sent To The Tenant During The Reservation Process. Damage Deposit Will Be Collected In Cash From The Tenant On The Day Of Entry To The Villa / Cottage And In The Control To Be Made Before The Tenant Leaving The Villa / Cottage, A Damage To The Villa / Cottage And The Fixtures Of The Villa / Cottage, Which Are Delivered Intact, Missing Etc. If No Will Be Refunded In Cash. In the event that the tenant wants to leave the villa / cottage within an hour earlier than the contract specified in the contract, or if the villa / cottage exit control cannot be made due to the intensity, the deposit will be sent to an account number to be taken from the tenant. If the damage to the villa / cottage exceeds the amount of the deposit received, the tenant will be asked to pay this damage, otherwise, legal remedies will be applied.

By completing the Reservation process, the customer will be deemed to have accepted all the above-mentioned 23 items.